Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Kronenberg

Fachgebiet: Kern- und Radiochemie




  • classical nuclear chemistry techniques and radiochemical methods
  • separation and speciation methods in inorganic chemistry (aqueous and electrochemistry, very high temperature gas-phase chemistry, adsorption effects and thermodynamics), tracer-level chemistry, rapid chemistry, tracer applications, radiation chemistry
  • chemistry of the transactinides, heavy ion reactions, nuclear fission, beta-delayed neutron emission
  • isotope production, target preparation (electrodeposition, molecular plating, target design)
  • practical experiences in a wide range of nuclear counting techniques, e.g. alpha-, beta-, gamma-spectroscopy, neutron counting, low level counting, neutron activation (especially delayed neutron activation) analyses
  • nuclear cross section and decay data measurements (isotopes far from stability)
  • radioactive ion beam production, nuclear astrophysics, Stockpile Stewardship Science
  • on-line and off-line irradiation at accelerator facilities and nuclear research reactor
  • nuclear technology and applications (advanced reactor concepts, chemistry problems in reactor systems, nuclear fuel cycle, actinide chemistry, transmutation, advanced fuel cycle, aqueous and pyro-reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel, nuclear waste management; waste characterization and waste forms)
  • nuclear non-proliferation, information-driven safeguards, nuclear material detection,
    FMCT, weaponization
  • isotope enrichment technology

American Nuclear Society, ANS
Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, INMM

School of American Ballet Association
Juilliard Association
Ballet International

  • 1998-2002 member of the scientific advisory committee "Chemistry and waste managment"
    on the annually General Meeting of the German Nuclear Society
  • program and organizing committee for topical meeting Decontamination&Decommissioning
  • 2003-2006 member of the Honors and Awards Committee of the American Nuclear Society
  • since 2009 member of the International Committee of the American Nuclear Society

Other Important Information:

  • consultant in nuclear technology and radiation protection, decontamination, decommissioning, reutilization, nuclear instrumentation and radiochemical analysis
  • listed in “Who is Who in America”(R) 2006-2008, as well as
    “Who is Who in Science and Engineering”(R); 9th Edition, 2006-2009
  • hobbies: performing arts, fine arts, art support, international collaborations and exchange, future of the UNO-system


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